A simple pair of glasses can change lives!

In our Africa and Asia programmes we offer holidays to many poor or developing countries. We believe that quality tourism is one of the best ways to help these nations develop and are pleased that the accommodation and tours we arrange provide employment and income to local communities.

However, other more immediate steps can be taken to improve the lives of local people and that is why we are supporting Vision Aid Overseas.

A small percentage of the money we receive will be donated to Vision Aid Overseas and, thanks to our clients’ support, we have been able to sponsor our own Vision Aid project to Ethiopia in 2013.

What Vision Aid Overseas Does

Vision Aid Overseas has been working for over 28 years to fight poverty by ending avoidable visual impairment in developing countries. Over 670 million people – 10% of the world’s population – are disadvantaged because they do not have access to affordable and high quality eye care services. Without something as simple as a correctly prescribed pair of spectacles, children can be left behind at school and parents can struggle to work and provide for their families.

Vision Aid Overseas utilises the skills of professional UK volunteers to establish Vision Centres (places where the general public can receive an eye test and a pair of affordable and well fitting pair of spectacle), train local eye care workers and provide outreach services to remote regions.

Our Project

Vision Aid Overseas identified a need for education and community eye care in Ethiopia and the money we have donated will fund a project to that country, providing a programme of immediate and long term benefits.

The Freedom Destinations project will send a team of six volunteer UK optical professionals to Ethiopia to provide training to eye care students and undertake outreach services to remote regions. The programme objectives are:

  • To provide clinical training and practical supervision to approximately 20 students studying at the University of Hawassa, thereby providing more accessible eye care for the future. The Vision Aid team will provide expertise and advice, improving the students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • To undertake ten outreach clinics, providing eye examinations and access to spectacles for 800 of the most needy cases living in target communities.

Thank You

The Freedom Destinations project will allow short sighted children see the blackboard and receive education, and help aging mothers and fathers continue to read, sew and weave, thereby earning a living to feed and care for their families – practical help that will change lives.

Thank you for your support. If you would like to know more about the work of Vision Aid Overseas, please visit www.vao.org.uk If you do not wish a donation to Vision Aid Overseas to be made on your behalf, please advise us at the time of booking.

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