The Towering Twelve Apostles in Marine National Park

April 19, 2018

Australia is home to some of the most iconic road trips in the world, but none capture the imagination quite like the magnificent Great Ocean Road. You could easily spend days exploring this winding path filled with natural wonders on your personalised Australia holiday, but if you’re short on time, one highlight you won’t want to miss is the towering Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is a series of stone stacks, which soar into the sky from the rolling ocean waves. Despite the name, there aren’t actually twelve piles. There are, in fact, six visible pillars, with one more separated from the collection around the corner from the viewing deck. Originally, the Twelve Apostles was named the Sow and Piglets, with Mutton Bird Island nicknamed the sow and the stone statues the piglets. Later, the name was changed. Even at that time, there were only eight stacks. One dramatically crumbled in 2005 and the remaining towers can be seen from an accessible viewing platform. In addition to the iconic rock formations, visitors can also enjoy spectacular views of the golden cliffs and the expansive waters lapping against the coastline.

Planning Your Trip

The Twelve Apostles form part of the Marine National Park, and they can be found approximately 5 miles away from Port Campbell. Regular tours operate in the area, covering the Great Ocean Road, but if you’ve got a driving license, you may wish to hire a car and hit the open roads alone. This way, you can dictate the itinerary and explore at your leisure. The Twelve Apostles are clearly signposted, and there’s a well-trodden track, which will take you directly to the platform to enjoy the best vistas. It is worth noting that this is an incredibly popular tourist spot, and you’re likely to encounter a number of other travellers along the way. To avoid the crowds and get some snaps without having to wait in line, try and plan your visit at dawn or dusk. Soak up the atmosphere and watch the waves crash in as the sun rises or sets.

Exploring the Park

The Twelve Apostles are a standout feature on the Great Ocean Road, but there’s a huge amount to see and do around this magnificent wonder. If you’ve got a day or a few days to meander along the coast, you won’t be disappointed. The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park covers 7,500 hectares, spanning 17km and it boasts some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the country. Keep your eyes peeled for archways, gorges, canyons and extensive networks of reef under the surface of the water. The unique environment provides a home for a diverse range of species, including seals, lobsters, seabirds and reef fish. If you visit at sunset, you may also be able to spot little penguins scuttling around on the sand. Whales can be spotted off the coast of Victoria between June and October. Southern right whales are the most populous species.

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