The Best of Oz and Fiji

May 18, 2018

For many of us, travelling to Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so it’s natural to fill those weeks with as much action as is humanly possible! When planning a trip, most of us will need to prioritise what we see and do so that we experience as much as possible. Sights like Sydney and Uluru in Australia are unmissable, but it’s also worth looking at what’s around the corner and adding a trip to Fiji at the end of your trip to Australia is well worth considering. Here are our recommendations for the top places to visit when combining these two great destinations.

Kakadu National Park Australia

No trip Down Under would be complete without getting up close and personal with the famous flora and fauna of Australia. The Northern Territory is situated away from the south-eastern hub where many of the major cities and big-name beaches are located, but it’s more than worth the trip if only for the amazing Kakadu National Park. A few hours from the city itself, Kakadu boasts stunning landscapes (including several dramatic waterfalls), a range of wildlife and a chance to experience Aboriginal culture. Watch out for the saltwater crocs, though – but it wouldn’t be Oz without them!

Experience Melbourne

A world away from the wilderness of Kakadu is the cosmopolitan town of Melbourne. Its shopping districts, nightlife, world class restaurants and its cafe culture hold their own when it comes to giving tourists plenty to do even in a country where the landscape and wildlife make for adventure at every turn. Explore the famous neighbourhoods, take in the museums and explore a city with much to offer.

The Red Centre

Australia’s Outback is a must for any visitor  and you’re not likely to overlook it. Uluru (Ayer’s Rock)  is one of the most iconic sights in the world and is not to be missed. Make the most of it by seeing the Field of Light star pass or taking a trip on a camel! But the Outback is also home to many more points of interest that can be in the shadow of the Rock by Uluru’s sheer fame. Take a trip to the deserts, go on guided tours to see the local wildlife far beyond anything you get anywhere else in the world, or just marvel at the stunning canyons and gorges you probably didn’t even know existed, but which are dotted around this vast continent. Go to Alice Springs, one of the more remote towns in the world, and take a tour over the plains of the Outback in a hot air balloon!

Visit Sydney

Australia’s crown jewel is undoubtedly Sydney; with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, unforgettable experiences and the most iconic harbour setting in the world …. Some of the city’s best attractions are located right on the harbour including the world-famous Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and Taronga Zoo.

Island hopping in Fiji

Tropical island hopping in the Pacific is something many have dreamed of doing at some point in their lives and given Fiji is easily reachable from Australia, it’s the ideal addition to your Australian holiday. Spend a few days travelling from island to island, soaking up the sun in the beaches, sampling local delicacies and exploring islands and surrounding waters which offer a range of spectacular sights and snorkelling opportunities.

Castaway Island Fiji

There’s island hopping, with its seafood, wildlife spotting, its sandy beaches and its cocktails. But relaxation is perhaps best when there’s simply nothing to bother you. Experience some real seclusion on Fiji’s aptly named Castaway Island. Located some 12 miles offshore and accessible by boat or by plane, you can stay in your own private accommodation with views of the trees, the beach and the sea. Venture out only to walk around the stunning island or take a boat trip to look at the amazing coral reefs.

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