The 3 Most Beautiful Islands in the Whitsundays

January 18, 2018

The 74 islands that make up Australia’s Whitsunday Islands need no introduction. Located off the central coast of Queensland, these beautiful suntraps are just under a two-hour flight from Brisbane and are home to some of the most unmistakably stunning beaches in the world.

However, many tourists flock to Whitehaven Beach. You can access Whitehaven by boat, seaplane or, for those looking for something extra special, even a helicopter from Arlie Beach. Some decide to stay the night and camp on the soft white sand; others stay for the day to swim and have a meal at the local burger restaurant.

If you come in November, you’ll also be able to witness the Whitehaven Beach Ocean Swim. Contestants swim 2km in the ocean, and the event accounts for the swimming leg of the Hamilton Island Triathlon. The beach was recognised by CNN as the world’s most eco-friendly beach in 2010.

Hamilton Island

If you are going to the Whitsundays, chances are you are going to end up in Hamilton at some point. Hamilton is the Whitsundays’ largest island in terms of population and is the only island in the Great Barrier Reef area with its own commercial airport. Home to just over 1,200 people, it is the main tourist attraction for those visiting the Whitsundays. One of the premier events in Hamilton is the Hamilton Island Race Week yachting festival. The late-August event brings in over 250 yachts from Australia and New Zealand.

Hayman Island

Hayman lies at the most northern point of the Whitsundays, and is famous for the luxury resort that has become synonymous with the island. It was constructed in 1947 by an Australian piloting icon, Reginald Ansett, after he purchased Hayman. The resort has a botanical garden with over 30,000 plants that you can explore and is all the more scenic for being incredibly small, stretching only four square kilometres in total.

South Molle Island

Even though it has an area of just 4.66km squared, South Molle is a tourist’s dream. According to the recent census, the island is home to just forty people. South Molle Island Resort has sat on Bauer Bay since 1937. The luxury accommodation has a nine-hole golf course, and can accommodate up to 600 guests. Not a golf fan? Climb or ride up Mount Jeffery’s for a great view of this barely touched paradise.

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