Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Western Australia

February 19, 2018

Western Australia has some of the most exciting opportunities that travellers to the country Down Under has to offer. One of the most popular activities that tourists end up participating in, especially in Western Australia, is swimming with the Dolphins off the coast of Perth. One of the industry’s premier companies, Rockingham Wild Encounters, is an excellent source to use.

Rockingham Wild Encounters

Rockingham’s founder Terry Howson followed his dream at the age of 23 to spend his life swimming with dolphins. One of the main goals for Howson, as he began his career, was to run his business differently than most dolphin swimming companies. He does not believe that Dolphins should be fed by humans or taken out of their natural environment.

Rockingham has six different boats in its fleet, the newest being the Apollo 3. It can fit up to 44 passengers and has a large focus on conserving the environment for where the dolphins make their home. The boat has on-site showers available, lunch, self-serve tea, coffee, hot chocolate & fresh water, and complimentary photos at the end of your journey.

Their main vision has helped them become widely recognised across Western Australia. They have won the state ecotourism tour award three times and was inducted into the West Australian Tourism Hall of Fame in 2004. They were also inducted into the Tripadvisor Hall of Fame in 2015.

A standard swim with the dolphin’s package will give you a six-hour cruise. When Rockingham pulls you to the swimming area, you could see as many as 200 dolphins! However, this is where Rockingham separates itself from the rest of the pack. Once ready, you will get your typical snorkelling and swimming materials ready. But don’t expect to see these wild dolphins perform tricks. While the dolphins are very accustomed to interacting with humans, they are still wild animals. Rockingham believes that the less domesticated the dolphins are, the better experience you will receive. The company’s experts have a very strong understanding of how the dolphins think and interact with tourists. They will teach you how to properly snorkel and are trained to help customers that may feel anxious about being with the dolphins.

If your experience with swimming with the dolphins turns out to go worse than planned, have no fear! While it’s very unlikely, Rockingham has their wild dolphin guarantee. If your trip does not actually give you an opportunity to swim with dolphins, Rockingham will offer you another opportunity to swim for FREE.

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