Soak up the Sun at Bondi Beach

April 19, 2017

Few people touch down on Australian shores without being familiar with Bondi Beach. The scene of many a movie and TV show, Bondi is one of the world’s most iconic stretches of sand. If you’re planning a personalised Australia holiday, and you’re keen to catch some rays on your adventures, here is some useful information about spending the day at brilliant Bondi.

Soaking up the sun at Bondi Beach

Bondi is one of Oz’s most famous sun traps, and if it’s a hot day with clear blue skies, you definitely won’t be alone in your pursuit of sunshine at Bondi Beach. This spot is a tourist trap, and you’re likely to be greeted with huge crowds on a warm day. If you’re keen to enjoy the magic of Bondi without hundreds of people for company, it’s best to get there early or visit later in the day. At dusk, the beach is much less busy, but no less beautiful.

Bondi Beach is not just a sunbather’s paradise. You can also surf here or hire a paddleboard. If you’re new to surfing, you can book a lesson, and you’ll be provided with all the gear you need.

If you fancy a swim, but you’re keen to dodge the surfers, take a trip to Bondi Baths, which are located at the south tip of the beach. You can swim lengths here, and you can also enjoy beautiful views of the sprawling bay.

Bondi to Coogee

If you’re keen to stretch your legs after a day of soaking up the rays, there’s no better way to blow away the cobwebs and enjoy the vistas than taking the Bondi to Coogee coastal hike. This 6km stretch takes around 2 hours if you’re going at a moderate pace, and it will treat you to beautiful views of the water crashing against the cliffs. When you get to Coogee, you’ll find plenty of cafes and bars to quench your thirst.

Bondi Safety Tips

To make the most of your day at Bondi Beach, make sure you pay attention to the swimming flags, stick to the designated areas and listen out for advice and instructions from the lifeguards on patrol. It can get very hot in the summer months, so take sunscreen with you, and avoid the midday sun. There are plenty of places to duck into for a quick bite of lunch or a refreshing beer in the shade.

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