The Best Uluru Experiences: 5 Red Centre Tours

February 22, 2019
Ayers Rock View

The Red Centre is one of the most unique areas that comes to mind when you think of Australia, so it’s hardly a surprise that visitors arrive Down Under with a desire to explore this incredible landscape. There’s one particular tourist attraction that draws visitors to the Red Centre, and that’s Uluru (Ayers Rock). As one of the most famous natural wonders of the world, as well as being one of the most photographed points of interest on the planet, uncovering the best Uluru experiences for your holiday is key. Discover more about this impressive monolith, this iconic area and our top 5 Red Centre tours.

No amount of pictures can prepare you for the experience of actually seeing Uluru with your own eyes. For visitors keen to tick off this unique, once in a lifetime adventure Down Under, there are many ways to enjoy it and plenty of other things to do in the Red Centre too. This vast area isn’t limited just to visits to Uluru.

The Red Centre is an expansive stretch of outback scattered with odd and interesting geographical features as well as some of the most extraordinary landscapes in Australia. There are a plethora of Red Centre tours on offer to enable you to make the most of your time. Here are five of the best Uluru experiences and Red Centre tours on offer.

1. Field of Light Star Pass

The Field of Light Star Pass Tour is a unique adventure in the outback, which affords visitors the chance to discover the wonders of Bruce Munro’s iconic light installation.

Comprising of 50,000 individual orbs of light arranged artistically throughout the desert plains, this is an awe-inspiring sight for art lovers and fans of nature. For a limited period of time, Munro’s tiny globes will illuminate the desert, creating a magical visual that boasts a backdrop of the towering mass of Uluru and the intricate stone formations of Kata-Tjuta National Park.

A guided tour includes walking to a viewing point, which offers the best vistas of the installation and the surrounding scenery. It also allows for free time to meander at leisure and take in the stunning views. Canapes and a glass of sparkling wine are provided and the tour departs around 30 minutes before sunset to take advantage of views at dusk and offer the opportunity to watch the field of light burst into life as the sun sinks and darkness descends.

This is one of the most visually arresting Red Centre experiences and it offers the chance to treat the senses, get a different perspective of Uluru and enjoy the tranquillity of this iconic, arid area.

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2. Sounds of Silence Dinner

There are few dinner settings in the world that are capable of rivalling Australia’s Outback. The Sounds of Silence Dinner is a wonderful opportunity to visit the sand dunes of the Red Centre and enjoy a sumptuous feast with nothing but incredible views and a few new friends for company.

The tour itinerary includes transfers to a platform in the dunes, offering 360-degree views of Uluru and the infamous domes of Kata-Tjuta National Park. As the sun descends, visitors can enjoy a beautiful array of native delicacies, including barbequed meats like barramundi, emu and crocodile. Canapes and drinks are also served before sunset. As the skies above change colour and take on hues of red, pink, yellow and orange, guests can enjoy a leisurely dinner before embarking on a guided stargazing tour of the Southern Constellation. Ideal for those who already have an idea of what they’re looking for in the night sky, as well as stargazing novices, this is a truly magical experience, which will create memories to last a lifetime. The tour lasts approximately four hours with a departure time around an hour before sunset.

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Sounds of Silence Ayers Rock

3. Outback Ballooning Tour

When it comes to things to do in the Red Centre, it’s difficult to beat the experience of floating high above the dramatic rock formations below and enjoying a bird’s eye view of Uluru from a hot air balloon.

There’s something incredibly serene about ballooning in any case, but there is no better place to ascend into the clear skies and look down on the enchanting scenery below than in the Red Centre. Soaring high above the desert sands, guests can get a much better appreciation of the sheer size and scale of the Australian Outback and enjoy incredible views of the many wonderful features it has to offer. From iconic Uluru to the burning ochre sands of the desert plains, there’s scope to enjoy a staggering spectacle from every angle. Departing just before dawn, visitors will take off from Alice Springs and drift over the peaks of the McDonnell Ranges before reaching the heart of Uluru.

Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos jumping playfully and birds gliding as the sun rises. The balloon ride lasts for 30 minutes and guests can enjoy a celebratory glass of bubbly upon landing. Light snacks are also provided. Add an Outback Ballooning Tour to your Australia holiday today.

4. Ayers Rock Sunrise & Sunset Tour

There’s nothing quite like watching the colours of Uluru shimmer and shine as the skies morph into palettes of burning orange, red and gold as the sun sets and rises. Ayers Rock is a magnificent sight at any time of day but it becomes particularly spellbinding when illuminated by a sky adorned with rainbow hues.

The colours of the sky reflect on the rock, creating a different picture to the daytime view, which is enhanced by the bright blue skies of Australia’s central lands. But sunset and sunrise also have an ethereal quality, as it tends to be much quieter here before tourists arrive. Visitors can choose from Outback experiences that offer the chance to explore at dawn or dusk to take in the jaw-dropping vistas and capture incredible shots.

There’s also an option to add a sightseeing tour of the 36 domes of Kata-Tjuta to your sunrise trip. This add-on is a brilliant opportunity to explore more of the region and take a leisurely hike through the Walpa Gorge. The sunrise tour departs around 90 minutes before sunrise and includes hot drinks and light breakfast snacks. The sunset trip leaves an hour and a half before sunset and includes a glass of sparkling wine. Both tours last around two and a half hours. Book your Ayers Rock Sunrise & Sunset Tour today.

5. Ayers Rock Helicopter Tour

Visitors looking for the ultimate, action-packed adventure in the Outback will struggle to beat a scenic flight over Uluru.

It’s very difficult to get an idea of the size of this giant spectacle from the ground and a helicopter flight is a perfect means to get an insight into the scale of Uluru and to appreciate the beauty of the land that surrounds it. From the air, it is possible to see it in all its glory, to enjoy different angles and perspectives and to get up close to one of the planet’s most iconic symbols and an undisputed wonder of the world.

A helicopter flight is an adventure in itself and the adrenaline will start to pump as soon as the blades begin to turn and the engine purrs: flying in a helicopter isn’t like travelling in a plane and this is a unique experience! Then, add in the fact that this flight takes place in one of the world’s most spectacular and special settings and this tour has the makings of an unforgettable experience that is guaranteed to induce envy back home.

After boarding the helicopter, you’ll enjoy views of Mount Conner and Lake Amadeus before clapping eyes on the scorched red rock. Passengers can also marvel at the scale of the desert and the colours of the sandy plains and terracotta rocks. The journey will also take in the township of Yulara and provide vistas of Longitude 131 luxury tented camp. The total duration of the tour is approximately one hour, which includes a 15-minute scenic helicopter flight. So sit back, enjoy the views, and take in the informative running commentary from your experienced tour guide, making this both a relaxing, informative and ultimately rewarding Red Centre experience.

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The Red Centre is a jewel in Australia’s crown and there are very few places on Earth that provide such an intense visual and sensual experience. This is a place that is incredible to behold but it also has a very special ambience. A location that has great cultural significance, as well as natural beauty, it’s no wonder that the Red Centre occupies a place on many a travel bucket list, but despite the fact you can see all of the above independently, we still think a great tour makes the experience.

Red Centre tours are designed to enable visitors to appreciate everything that is unique about the Outback and to provide an experience that will produce memories to last a lifetime without taking up all of your planning efforts and getting rid of much of the stress involved with travelling around such a vast country – and its wilderness.

When it comes to Uluru experiences, there’s an incredible array of options available to suit all kinds of interests; from photography and art to food and drink, and it’s possible to combine trips that allow you to see Ayers Rock from different angles and appreciate the colours at dawn, midday and dusk. From the thrill of a helicopter ride to the peace and serenity of a balloon flight, there are many ways to see and experience this area and it’s worth exploring all the options to make the most of every second here. Red Centre tours are a way of seeing more of this region than you might be able to otherwise, meeting new people and also, crucially, learning all about the area and its significance to the Australian people.

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