Indigenous Experiences Continue to Delight Visitors to OZ

January 27, 2017

Australia’s tourism figures continue to grow year on year, and one area which has been pulling in large numbers of domestic and foreign visitors to the country non-stop are the indigenous experiences that are becoming increasingly renowned.

In 2015, Tourism Australia released their ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ campaign, helping to highlight the indigenous experiences tourists can enjoy Down Under whilst putting a spotlight on the ancient land and spiritual wonders of the Aborigine culture and way of life.

Indigenous tourism experiences are driving many visitors to the country, with 14 per cent of those who have travelled in from abroad taking part in an Aboriginal cultural experience. There is a respect towards this sector which encourages visitors to explore and learn. Tourism figures have shown that international guests from Europe, North America and the United Kingdom are the most common participants in tourist indigenous experiences when travelling to Australia.

The Aborigines run many of the experiences themselves, giving both domestic and international visitors the ability to connect to the world’s oldest living culture – Aborigine traditions have been passed down for at least 50,000 years. Experiences include music, dance and art, all of which give you a fascinating insight into the ancient land and spiritual wonder of the indigenous way of life. Bush walks through the iconic Australian outback and snorkelling trips are also offered by the aboriginal people, and through these experiences you will learn how to craft spears and catch fish the traditional ancient way.

With the ever-increasing popularity of these indigenous discovery activities, Australia looks to have a new key attraction to go alongside its already eye-watering offerings of food, wine, nature and coastal activities.

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