Hiking Trails for Stretching Your Legs Around Australia and Tasmania

September 11, 2017

Australia and Tasmania are home to some of the most sensational natural sights. One of the best ways to investigate and discover these at their full potential is on foot. Whether you’re looking to explore the rainforest, climb onto a mountain ridge or be beside the blue waters of the oceans or lakes. Australia is a hiker’s paradise full of day trails.

Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk stretches 104 Kilometres (60 Miles) along the west coast. The trek stretches from Apollo Bay all the way to Glenample. There’s a range of tracks which you can partake in along this coastal route. These can vary from a day cliff top walk all the way to a multi-day trek through Otway National Park. What makes the Great Ocean Walk so spectacular is the amount of breath-taking sights you get to see along your trail. Whether you’re looking to inspect the 12 Apostles Limestone sea stacks, historic shipwrecks, sand dunes or Cape Otway Light station you’ll no doubt find something which takes your breath away. The Twelve Apostles are a photographer’s dream as they attract a range of wildlife to the area including Penguins, Wallabies and Koalas. Whilst on your cliff walk trail don’t forget to bring a set of binoculars as there’s a chance you may see whales frolicking through the glistening Indian Ocean.

Blue Mountains

This UNESCO world heritage site is found just an hour’s drive from Sydney and is known for the spectacular panoramic views and spiritual importance for the region’s Aboriginal people. With hikes to suit all experiences, you can choose from several 2-5 mile day hikes which can take anywhere from just an hour to half a day. The Blue Mountains provide an unparalleled experience in which you can discover waterfalls, eucalyptus forests, rock tower formations, picnic areas and view the Scenic Railway – the steepest cable railway in the world. Depending on your level of experience there’s a walk to suit you, whether you’re looking for a gentle gradient for a casual stroll to take in the spectacular views or a more demanding ridgeline plunging trail. Wherever in the proximity you are, there’s one thing you can count on and that is the phenomenal luscious green gardens that surround you. The astounding lookout points provide you with the perfect place to experience the orange/red sunset contrast over the thick green flora.

Dove Lake Circuit, Tasmania

As one of the top walking tracks in Tasmania, the Dove Lake circuit takes you on a six-kilometre walk around the shores of Lake St. Clair National Park and Cradle Mountain.  The track is the perfect adventure activity for families who are looking for a discovery escapade. With a relatively flat path, all ages can take part in the easy grade walk and discover the boardwalk, Cradle Mountain, Ballroom Forest and Glacier Rock. The self-guided path allows you to explore your remarkably peaceful surroundings and embark on a photography or history expedition to see the boat shed or glaziers which will give you a new perspective on your phenomenal surroundings.

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