Fitzroy Island: A Walker’s Tropical Paradise

May 18, 2017

If you’re interested in getting out and about and exploring the incredible natural wonders Oz offers on your personalised Australian holiday, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From the rugged coastlines of Victoria and the beautiful beaches of Perth to the tropical islands of Northern Queensland, there’s something for every visitor. If you’re keen on hiking and you fancy soaking up the sun and chilling out after a walk on the wild side, nothing will appeal more than fabulous Fitzroy Island.

About Fitzroy Island

Just a short boat ride from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cairns, you’ll find the stunning tropical paradise of Fitzroy Island. Surrounded by the tranquil azure waters of the Great Barrier Reef, this is a beautiful base from which to explore the vibrant sea life and discover a range of activities on dry land. Fitzroy Island is one of those spectacular destinations, which enables you to enjoy all kinds of holiday in a single day. You can catch rays on pristine white beaches, scuba dive and snorkel to your heart’s content or get the adrenaline pumping with a hike. You’ll find everything here, from glistening waters and sparkling sands to woodland, mangroves and dense rainforest.

If you’re a fan of hiking or you want to stretch your legs and enjoy the views, Fitzroy Island National Park is well worth a visit. There is a wide variety of routes and treks available, and you’ll find a suitable path whatever your level of fitness or experience.

Fitzroy Island: Popular Walks

Walking is a very popular pursuit on Fitzroy Island mainly because the terrain and the geographical features treat you to a veritable array of experiences and incredible vistas.

The Secret Garden track is a great place to start if you’re a beginner or you fancy a gentle amble rather than a full-blown hike. This 20-minute walk takes you through the forest tracks and it’s perfect for families. Keep your eyes peeled for cuddly creatures, and giant boulders. At the end, you’ll reach a viewpoint, which affords you spectacular vistas of the creek below.

The Lighthouse Road presents a more difficult challenge and is best for those who want to push themselves. This track will leave your quads invigorated due to the steep inclines. The 3.6km pathway will take you through the rainforest in the direction of the lighthouse. On a clear day, you can marvel at the sight of beautiful Green Island and watch the rolling ocean waves lap against the sandy shores. If you’re lucky, it may also be possible to spot humpback whales and dolphins splashing around in the water.

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