Embrace your Inner Wild Child, Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge!

May 5, 2017

If you haven’t had much experience of climbing before and you’re feeling the urge to try, where more iconic to start than a landmark that is a ‘welcome to Sydney’ for boats coming into the city and planes making their descent overhead: Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sydney BridgeClimb gives you the chance to take in one of the world’s very best views. From the top of the famous steel structure, panoramic vistas unfold of the Opera House, the deep blue of the surrounding harbour and the city stretching out as far as the mysterious azure hues of the Blue Mountains.

If you’re in good health and over 10 years old, the bridge is your oyster: there are various different climbs and experiences, no matter how much time you have available or what you are keen to gain from the climb. You can begin at regular intervals throughout the day, from the morning right through to a sunset climb – particularly spectacular, as the Sydney Opera house is lit up at night.

Your experienced guide will provide all the equipment you need at the outset, as well as talking you through all the interesting facts and sights as you ascend. Be sure to bring your camera for some incredible 360 degree, city-wide shots, and you’ll receive a photo of yourself on the bridge as a memento to take home once you’re back down.

The options available to you include the Express Climb, the BridgeClimb Sampler and the base BridgeClimb. If you are planning a wedding and are looking for something that bit different to make sure you tie the knot in style, look no further than the Wedding Climb, which will see you officially wed 134 metres above the water! If you are on a whistle-stop tour and have lots more to see in the city, the Express Climb will allow you to do the whole experience in just two hours.

The climb itself is an exhilarating journey. You truly feel the full hulking power of the famous structure, making your way along the outer arch, along ladders and catwalks and gripping its great rivets as you go.

Many travellers say that this was the best thing they did when visiting Sydney – even when the weather is less sunny than it could be – so for a novel way to see the city, or a wedding option you can’t get anywhere else, take on the climb and you won’t be disappointed!

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