Driven the Great Ocean Road? Try Tasmania’s East Coast!

January 18, 2018

Australia is one of the best places in the world for a road trip. If you’ve been lucky enough to drive the incredible Great Ocean Road, you may be on the lookout for your next destination. If you’re planning a personalised Australia holiday, why not hit the open roads of beautiful Tasmania?

Tasmania: an East Coast Road Trip

The East Coast of Tasmania may not fill as many guide book pages as the Great Ocean Road, but you won’t be disappointed if you choose to take your car or camper on a grand tour in these parts. This is a great trip because it treats you to all kinds of different experiences and you’ll encounter some scintillating scenery along the way. If you’re keen to get planning, here’s a sample itinerary to whet your appetite:

Day 1

Hobart: start your trip in Tasmania’s beautiful and enigmatic capital, Hobart. Hobart has a lively arts scene and it’s a gem for foodies and those who enjoy fine wines and craft beers. Get an early night in preparation for an early drive out to Freycinet National Park.

Day 2

Freycinet National Park and Coles Bay: Freycinet is the island’s most famous and well-known national park. If you’re an outdoorsy type, you’ll be in your element here, with plenty of hiking and biking trails on offer. The highlight of the park is Wineglass Bay, a horseshoe-shaped inlet with glistening blue waters and shimmering white sand. Take the trail up to the lookout for the best views. The Cape Tourville Lighthouse is also worth a visit. In nearby Coles Bay, you’ll find plenty of eateries and watering holes.

Day 3

St Helens and the Bay of Fires: as you drive further north you’ll come across the charming town of St Helens before you reach the Bay of Fires, one of Tasmania’s most stunning spots. The Bay of Fires is a conservation area, which boasts rugged cliffs, red rock dunes and rippling waves. There is a stretch of pretty, secluded beaches spanning the coastline between Binalong Bay and Eddystone Point, so take advantage of the opportunity to go for a swim or catch some rays. The Gardens, a collection of lichen-covered boulders emerging from the clear water, is a highlight.

The drive from Hobart to the Bay of Fires would take you around 3-4 hours, but it’s well worth taking your time to stop en route and discover the wonders of this enchanting coastline.

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