Discovering Sydney’s Sweet Treat Wonders

January 19, 2018

We all know that on your trip to Sydney, you will experience all kinds of great memories. The Sydney Opera House, The Harbour Bridge and possibly Blue Mountains National Park. You may even go as far as planning where you will eat your meals in one of the most exciting cities on the planet. But have you ever thought about planning out your dessert options? There are 62 bakeries alone in Sydney on TripAdvisor, so your options are plentiful. We’ve helped narrow down some of those great options for you.

La Renaissance Cafe

We’ll start you off with a real must. A well-known staple in Sydney since 1974, La Renaissance Cafe is a taste of Paris Down Under. With a selection of sandwiches served on baguettes and over 15 cakes to choose from, come hungry to this exceptional cafe.

Gelato Messina

Heading to Sydney in the summer months? Remember, this equates to about December to March. The weather stays fairly consistent in these months, averaging about 22 degrees celsius. Of course, though, this number can fluctuate both ways and on the days where that figure increases, you’ll need a place to cool off.

Gelato Messina is the no.1 ranked dessert option on TripAdvisor for Sydney. You might be wondering why a place selling just ice cream is the top choice, but this spot is extra special. The store has created over 2500 flavours of gelato in its 16 year history. They create five new flavours every week, which you can find on their Instagram or Facebook. There are plenty of gelato options in Sydney, but Messina separates itself from the pack given its creativity in flavours.

Pie Tin

Wanting something of a taste of Britain but also something new? The Pie Tin awaits! What makes the Pie Tin stick out is that it’s not your typical pie shop. Offering over 20 different savoury pies, like the bangers & mash or the chermoula lamb, this store truly has something for everyone. After having one of their savoury pies as your meal, order from one of their fifty sweet pies. Of course, the store has your typical apple or blueberry, but we like to take it a little further than that. Try the TimTam, which is a belgian chocolate brownie with TimTam cream and topped with TimTams.  If you’re not a chocolate lover, try out the salted caramel apple. The pie contains fresh-sliced apples in a spiced butter and an in-house made caramel sauce. You can find their website here.

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