Discover the Ancient Desert Sculptures of the Pinnacles

January 13, 2017

Found standing tall in the midst of the Nambung National Park are the ancient desert sculptures of the Pinnacles. These limestone pillars that rise out of the yellow sand dunes are a magical, otherworldly sight and an experience like no other. And just beyond the statues, the national park provides some superb secluded white beaches with clear turquoise waters great for swimming, snorkelling and surfing.

Located roughly 200km north of Perth, the Pinnacles are a majestic fixture in the shifting sand dunes. However, they were relatively unknown until the late 1960s, when the department of lands and surveys agreed to add the area to the existing national park, leading to the Pinnacles finally being recognised as one of the best tourist attractions on the west coast. The desert has significant aboriginal ties, with the area being home to the country’s indigenous people for many years. For the Aborigines, the area and the Pinnacles themselves are sacred, and the statues are testimony to the peace-loving culture and respect for the area and its natural assets for which the Aborigines stand.

The Pinnacles desert discovery centre takes you on journey of appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage value that this area holds. The discovery centre allows visitors to explore the history of how the Pinnacles were formed 25,0000 to 30,000 years ago after the coastal winds of the Indian Ocean eroded the surrounding sand, leaving the limestone pillars exposed to the elements. The display of how the pillars have evolved over the years is particularly enlightening.

The desert landscape is spectacular, attracting a wide range of wildlife which includes emus, galahs and kangaroos, so don’t forget to watch out for these stalking through the spires. As well as providing a natural habitat for an extensive array of native animals, the national park provides a selection of bird life which can often be spotted from the Pinnacles look-out point. From here you can also appreciate the ghostly shadows formed later on in the day by the intriguing shapes of these limestones rocks, which reach up to 4 metres tall at their highest.

The Nambung National Park runs alongside the beautiful turquoise coral coast. The beaches surrounding the Pinnacles are some of the best in western Australia, offering flawless swimming and snorkelling conditions that allow you to see some of the best marine life living around the coral reef. Visitors can also try activities such as windsurfing, deep sea fishing expeditions or even off-shore cruises, where if you’re lucky there’s a chance of spotting sea lions and bottle nosed dolphins.

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