Australian Nature at its Finest at Noosa National Park

January 19, 2017

Located just 120 km from Brisbane, Noosa National Park occupies an enviable spot within easy reach of rolling waves and lush green forests. Stretching more than 4,000 hectares, this is one of Australia’s prize assets. If you’re working on plans for a personalised Australia holiday, you won’t regret making time for a trip to Noosa.

What’s so special about Noosa National Park?

Noosa National Park is spectacular for many reasons. One of the best things about this area of natural beauty is the diversity of scenery, as well as the incredible views. From one angle, you’ll be greeted with verdant canopies and an endless stream of treetops. From another, you can watch the waves crashing against the cliffs. Everywhere you go, you’ll see something different.

Noosa is incredibly important because it provides a home for several endangered species and an amazing collection of trees, plants and flowers.

You can take part in an array of activities here, including hiking, bush walking and wildlife spotting. A walk along the coastal path comes highly recommended.

Noosa National Park wildlife

Noosa National Park is home to a collection of mammals and birds. If you’re keen to see Australia’s most iconic resident, the koala, keep your eyes peeled and look up to the treetops. These cuddly creatures can often be seen lazing in the sun amidst the branches. You may also be lucky enough to spot glossy black cockatoo, ground parrots and wallum froglets.


When you visit Noosa National Park, you won’t want to miss:

Hell’s Gates: an expansive inlet, which is a great place to spot osprey and sea eagles.

Devil’s Kitchen: the headland here offers stunning views of the rugged coastline up to Alexandria Bay.

Alexandria Bay: this beautiful bay is an ideal place to spend the day if you want to hit the beach. Avoid swimming here, as there are no lifeguards on patrol, and the riptides can be strong and unpredictable.

Dolphin Point: Dolphin Point is an acclaimed lookout, not just because it overlooks the crashing waves, but also because you can often spot dolphins slipping in and out of the sea.

If you’re visiting Noosa, don’t leave town without spending a day or two exploring the treasured trails of the national park. All you need is some sturdy shoes, a good camera, and plenty of water and snacks, and you’re guaranteed a day to remember.

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