A Sydney Architecture Tour

June 19, 2017

When it comes to architecture, Sydney boasts a fascinating array of styles and a collection of landmarks iconic enough to attract visitors from all corners of the globe. If you’re interested in architecture, a visit to Australia’s most famous city won’t disappoint. Here are some highlights to include in your travel plans.

Sydney Opera House

There is no other logical place to start a tour of Sydney’s architectural gems than Sydney Opera House. This iconic building is one of the most recognisable symbols of Australia, and millions of people pay this quirky, unique building a visit every year. Designed by Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, the Opera House took 16 years to build. It was officially opened in 1973. Boasting distinctive sails, the building enjoys an enviable spot on Sydney’s bustling harbour. Today, it acts as a hub for cultural activities in Australia, hosting concerts, exhibitions and events throughout the year. If you’re visiting the Opera House and you plan to catch a show, it’s well worth booking in advance, as tickets tend to sell very quickly.

Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is featured heavily on postcards and there’s every chance that you’ll have the seen this domineering structure illuminated by a sky filled with colourful bursts of light on New Year’s Eve. The bridge, which is affectionately nicknamed ‘the coat hanger,’ is made from solid steel. It took six years to build and was officially opened by Premier Jack Lang in 1932. The bridge is a stunning focal point of the harbour, but it does also have an important role, carrying cars and trains and providing a footway and cycle lane. If you’ve got a head for heights and you fancy enjoying unparalleled views of the neighbouring Opera House, the harbour and the sprawling city below, why not take on the nerve-jangling Bridge Climb? Attached to safety harnesses, you’ll scale the bridge, climbing up to 134 metres above sea level.

The Sydney Tower

The Sydney Tower is Australia’s tallest building. Designed by Donald Crone, an Australian architect, it was opened for public access in 1981. Piercing the city skyline, this building is one of the most distinctive examples of Sydney architecture. Featuring a base surrounded by spokes, it stretches into the air. The cylindrical gantry affords visitors incredible views of the city. The base of the tower is now connected to Westfield Shopping Centre.

If you have an interest in architecture, you won’t regret visiting Sydney.

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